Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Friday 18th Jan

Your reading comprehension is here:

reading comp 18 jan

reading comp questions fri 18 jan

vocab 18 jan

Numeracy is here:

4 operations assessment

Friday 21st December

Please find below your home learning.


fri 21 dec comprenesion

fri 21 dec comp questions


grammar 1

grammar 2

grammar 3


fri 21 dec

Answers for last week:

fri 15 dec answers

comprehension answers

commas answers

degrees answers

homophones answers

linking paragraphs answers

prefixe re answers

prefixes answers

suffixes answers


Year 6 Friday 14th December 2018

Reading Comprehension is here:

The Push to Victory Reading Comprehension

comprehension questions

Vocabulary Activity Sheet

Numeracy is here:

fri 15 december

Grammar is here:




linking paragraphs

prefixe re



Answers for last week are below:

cohesion answers

suffix ate answers

suffix ation answers

suffix ly answers

suffix ous answers

Extraordinary Lives-Anne Frank Differentiated Reading Comprehension answers

fri 7th dec answers

Year 6 Friday 7th December

Home learning is below:


Extraordinary Lives-Anne Frank Differentiated Reading Comprehension questions

Extraordinary Lives-Anne Frank Reading Comprehension Text

Extraordinary Lives-Anne Frank Vocabulary

Extraordinary Lives-Anne Frank War Specific Vocabulary


fri 7th dec



suffix ate

suffix ation

suffix ly

suffix ous

Answers from last week:

brackets answers

commas answers

relative clauses answers

subordinate clauses answers

word families answers

comprehension answers

fri 30 nov answers

Year 6 Friday 30th November

You can find this week’s home learning below:


Shakespeare comprehension

comprehension questions




relative clauses

subordinate clauses

word families


fri 30 nov measurement

Answers for last week are below:

23 nov answers


inverted commas answers

past perfect answers

prefixes answers

pronoun answers

standard answers

Friday 23 November

Home learning is below:



comprehension questions



inverted commas

past perfect





friday 23 nov  

Please find the answers from last week below:

fri 16 answers


hyphens answers

paragraphs answers

place and cause answers

prepositions answers

time conjunctions answers

Year 6 Friday 16th November

This week we have done some further SATs papers. We are sending them home with children so you can see how your child did.

Home learning is below:






fri 16 nov Year-6-Maths-Assessment-Algebra_ver_1




place and cause


time conjunctions

Answers for last week are below:

9 nov apostrophes answers

9 nov formal answers

9 nov homophones answers

9 nov inverted commas answers

9 novan or a answers

fri 9 nov answers-Year-6-Maths-Assessment-Ratio-and-Proportion_ver_1

fri 9 nov comp answers

fri 9 vocab answers

Year 6 Friday 9th November

Please find your home learning below:

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

fri 9 nov comprehension

fri 9 nov comp questions

fri 9 vocab


9 nov an or a

9 nov apostrophes

9 nov formal

9 nov homophones

9 nov inverted commas


fr1 9th nov-Year-6-Maths-Assessment-Ratio-and-Proportion_ver_1

You can find last week’s answers here:

fri 2nd nov answers Year-6-Maths-Assessment-Number-and-Place-Value_ver_1

fri 2nd nov comp answers

fri 2nd nov cohesion answers

fri 2nd nov headings answers

fri 2nd nov layout answers

fri 2nd nov noun phrases answers

fri 2nd nov passive answers

Year 6 Friday 2nd November

In literacy this week we have started our new topic or argument and persuasion. In numeracy, we have started to learn about percentages.

Home learning:

Numeracy      Year-6-Maths-Assessment-Number-and-Place-Value_ver_1

Reading       Reading Comprehension

fri 2nd nov comp questions

Day of the Dead Vocabulary

Grammar      fri 2nd nov cohesion

fri 2nd nov headings

fri 2nd nov layout

fri 2nd nov noun phrases

fri 2nd nov passive

Answers for the 19th October are here:

fri 19 dashes answers

fri 19 determiners answers

fri 19 formal answers

fri 19 fronted adverbials answers

fri 19 synonyms answers

festival of light fri 19 answers

fri 19 oct answers

Friday 19th October – Half Term!

It has been a busy week for Year 6! We have been finishing our current topics in literacy and numeracy (autobiographies and decimals), we’ve had inclusion week and we have also done our first set of SATs papers. We are sending all of these papers home with children so you can see how your child has done so far.

The weekly writing task is in your pink book and you can find all other home learning for half term and answers for last week below:

Comprehension: festival of light reading comp fri 19 oct   festival of light reading comp questions fri 19 oct

Numeracy: fri 19 oct fractions

Grammar: fri 19 dashes    fri 19 determiners   fri 19 formal    fri 19 fronted adverbials   fri 19 synonyms

Answers for last week: fri 12 adverbs answer   fri 12 modifying prepositions answers   fri 12 paragraphs answers   fri 12 plural and possessive answers   fri 12 semi colon answer    malcom x fri 12 oct answers   fractions assessment fri 12 oct answers

Have a great half term and don’t forget Boosters are every Tuesday and Thursday when we come back!

Ms Hayward, Miss Malik and Mrs Winters

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