This week we have been

Reading the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ the children have really enjoyed retelling the story themselves in the sand tray and exploring all the areas in the story, they really enjoyed meeting the bear and watching him chase the family back to the house. We also explored ways of moving a ping-pong ball around each area in the story. The children really enjoyed blowing through a straw and seeing which area works best. We found that the ball rolls ok in the water, ok on the grass but it gets stuck in the trees, in the mud and in the snow!

We continued our learning about bears this week by singing 10 little teddy bears bouncing on the bed and singing round and round the garden which is the children’s rhyme this week.

In maths this week we have been looking at ‘ty’ and ‘teen’ at the end of numbers. We have been counting in tens to 100 and we have been adding single units to tens to see what number it makes.

In RE this week we read the story ‘The Good Samaritan’. The children really understood that it’s important to help everybody who might need our help.

Next week we will be

  • Continue in our learning on animals by exploring the book the Tiger who came to tea.
  • We will be counting using the story the Tiger who came to tea.
  • Reviewing our road safety learning and learning about stranger danger when we are by the roads.
  • Having a special visitor to help us explore Islam.

Messages Home

Please note although the weather is getting warmer the children still need to have their coats when they come to school. This can be a raincoat that’s nice and light or you can leave a coat in school in case we need it.

As we will also be using outside as much as possible so please put sun lotion on the children if you feel they need it, unfortunately we do not have the time to put sun lotion on all the children ourselves.

Tuesday, the 14th of May is our ‘Tiger day’ the children can come dressed for school as a tiger or dressed in orange and black for the day. We will be offering to paint the children’s faces for them but we will check with you first!

Thank you for all your support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Woode and Mrs Huter