Year 4 Ithaca, Symi, Samos

This week we will be continuing our learning on the Ancient Greeks and linked it to our Literacy learning. In RE, we revisited the Elevation of the Holy Cross, and the children shared their understanding of the importance of the day.

In Literacy, we wrote a report on the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We had a big focus on sentence writing, and how we can extend out sentences with subordinate clauses and conjunctions. The reports we very interesting, and the children had some amazing adjectives to use to describe what they saw. This week we are writing a newspaper report, researching our topic using the internet and books.

In Numeracy we focused on using the column method to add 4digit numbers. Some children even went as far as solving word problems, using the column method to work out the calculations. This week we are looking at using the column method for addition and subtraction to solve calculations involving money.

This week’s spellings – The children will have their spelling challenge on Friday.











Please find attached the home learning. This is due in on Monday.

subtraction 2 subtraction 3 subtraction 1