Year 4 week beginning 3rd October 2016

This week we will be continuing our learning on the Ancient Greeks and once again, linking it to our Literacy learning. In RE, we celebrated St. Cyprian’s Day and spoke about the importance in following in the light of God.

In Literacy, we wrote a wrote a newspaper report on a topic of their choice. We continued to focus on sentence writing, and how we can extend out sentences with adverbs, adjectives and conjunctions. The reports very great! Very detailed and the children did great layouts and used incredible adjectives. This week we are finishing newspaper reports and going onto interviews,

In Numeracy we focused on using the column method to subtract 4digit numbers. We also looked at adding and subtracting money using the column method. All children were able to do this by the end of the week, which was great!

This week’s spellings – The children will have their spelling challenge on Friday.

1 do not

2 don’t

3 haven’t

4 you’ll

5 you will

6 I’d

7 you’ve

8 won’t

9 quarter

10 regular

Please find attached the home learning. This is due in on Monday.

equivalent_fraction_problems fractions_visual equivalent_fraction_problems