11th March 2022

Dinosaurs – In the dark

This week we have been:

Learning about what happens at night time when its dark. We have been reading a story called ‘Dinosaurs after dark’. It was lots of fun to watch what dinosaurs get up to at night when we are sleeping. We also explored the dark area using torches, we were looking for animals that only come out at night time, they are called nocturnal. We also explored walking in the dark using our blindfolds. We worked in pairs and had to guide each other around. We have also had lots of fun exploring shadows this week. We have used a special box, a torch and small dinosaurs to make shadows, maybe you can have a go at making shadows at home. 

Dinosaurs After Dark with Miss Pearce – YouTube

We have also read: Dippy’s Sleepover – YouTubeHarry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs – Give Us A Story – YouTube

In maths this week we have been thinking about objects that we can count. We counted how wooden blocks we had in each basket. Some baskets had lots of blocks and we counted up to 20!

In Re this week we have been learning about Clean Monday. We read a story about clean Monday and we all went outside to fly our kites. Mrs Herne also introduced us to Lady Lent. She has 7 legs and we can use her to help us count down to Easter. Here is the story for you to share at home. 

Clean Monday story

We have been revisiting road safety this week. The children have been role playing being safe near the road and we have been talking about and reminding them what they need to do to make sure they are safe near the road. We stop, look, listen, before you cross the road, hold hands and wear seatbelts when you are in the car. 

Next week we will be:

  • Learning about eggs, which animals grow inside an egg? what do we think is inside or special egg?
  • We will be exploring springtime.
  • Continue counting using eggs and exploring size.
  • Learning about Sikhism.
  • Starting our Easter celebrations in creative ways.

Messages home:

As you are aware we have stopped sending home the reading books and the home learning books and we hope that you are hoppy with the options we have given you, please do come and see us if you have any questions or need any support.

Thank you for your ongoing support Mrs Herne,

Mrs Bruno and Mrs Lowe