11th October 2019

Welcome to Thassos Nursery!

This half term we have been learning:

About each other. We have been learning our friends names, how to be kind to each other, how to look after our classroom and understanding our nursery routines. We have been talking about things we like and thinking about what we look like.  We read ‘The Rainbow fish’ story and learnt how to share with each other.

Our Topic is people who help us. So far we have explored people who help us at the doctors, the hospital and the dentist. We have focused on keeping our bodies clean and healthy and practiced cleaning our hands correctly and how to brush our teeth. We have enjoyed playing doctors and making the other children feel better. We have also been learning about builders and looking at all the different jobs they do. We have been building our own structures using the wooden blocks and bricks outside and have been learning about the tools and how we use them.

In phonics we have working on listening to sounds that we hear around us inside and outside. We need to use our ears to listen to sounds we can hear and then enjoyed making our own sounds using our mouths and bodies.  

In maths we have been learning about the numbers 0-3 using number blocks to help us. We have also been learning how to write these numbers. We have been singing lots of nursery rhymes and number rhymes to help us count up to to 10 and back again. We had lots of fun making our own Incy Wincy spiders!

In RE this week we have learning about how much God and Jesus love us. They sent us a special gift that we could take home and keep. It reminds us that they are always in our hearts and looking after us. We also celebrated St Cyprians day. It is a very special day for us, we made special badges and received a special flower to take home.  We have also made some bunting for our Pink Breakfast on Tuesday 15th October. We will be raising money for the doctors and nurses to help make people better when they are sick, you are welcome to attend from 7:30am. You will need to fill out an order form for your breakfast, please ask at the office if you need another copy.

In science we have learning about stop/start and fast/slow. Kit and Pup have been helping us understand and then we have had lots of fun exploring! We can start and stop when asked and know how to move fast and slow.

We have been learning how to use the tools needed for making models using recycled materials and how to use our painting table independently. 

Next week will be inclusions week we will be:

  • Exploring Black History Month and using our story throughout the week.
  • Learning about the Great British Values.
  • Learning how to be safe online.
  • Learning how to be safe near a road.
  • Learning about the importance of teamwork.

Messages home:

  • Thank you to all of that that made an appointment to see me, it was lovely to meet you all and I really do look forward to the year ahead.
  • Please encourage the children to read their story books and to draw/write something in their home learning books. It really does make a difference to their learning and development.

Thank you for your support, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Lowe and Mrs Bruno.