13th March 2020

Dinosaurs – Time

This week we have been learning:

About time and things that happen over time. We read a story called ‘Dinosaur time’ which took the little boy back to the time dinosaurs lived. We explored the sand timers and looked at which ones would run out first/last. We looked at our weekly timetable and spoke about when we have music, Greek and PE. We spoke about how long it would take for our caterpillars to grow into butterflies and finally looked at the clock and what a clock is for.

In phonics this week we have been learning the sounds:

  • v – down the wing, up the wing.
  • w – down, up, down, up.
  • y – down the horn, up the horn, under his chin.

We have also started blending sounds together to make words.

In science we have started thinking about springtime, looking at what we will see, what will happen and how things grow. We have planted some bulbs and seeds and we are going to see what happens to them if we look after them. We know that plants need water, sun and time to help them grow.

We have also started thinking about Easter and why we celebrate it. This will continue over the next few weeks. 

Next week we will be:

  • Thinking about food dinosaurs eat.
  • Talking about size and counting using dinosaurs resources.
  • Learning the last of our sounds, qu/x/nk/ng
  • Learning about mothers day.

How you can help at home:

  • Please practise your children’s lines at home ready for the assembly.
  • Practise writing the sounds that we have been learning.
  • Please support the children with the recognition of 2D shapes.

Thank you for your ongoing support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Lowe and Mrs Bruno