16th October 2020

People who help us – Medical

This week we have been learning:

About people who help us to be healthy. We have been looking at doctors and nurses and thinking about what they do for us. We have also been learning about the dentist and why its important to keep your teeth clean. We have been practising brushing our teeth using the play teeth, we sang a song to help us! We hope the children enjoy using their tooth brushes at home. 

We have also been talking about things we like using the catalogues to help us.  We also passed a toy around the circle during circle time and shared things we like with the class.

In maths we have been learning about the number 3 and we have started counting to 10 using 10 in a bed to help us!

We have been exploring stop and go/start this week. We used Kit and Pup to show us what stop and go is and what it looks like. We then made a line and practised stopping and going, we also used the road signs outside to guide each other around the garden. 

In RE this week we read a story called “2 fish and 5 loaves”. Jesus was able to feed many people with very little food. We then cut our own bread and paper fish and demonstrated how to share and that food can go a long way. 

Next week will be inclusion week we will be:

  • Focusing on black history through a range of stories
  • Thinking about sounds they hear around them
  • E-safety
  • Road safety
  • Our well being
  • Thinking about different fruits they like
  • Exploring Italy through cooking

How you can help at home:

  • Practise brushing your teeth and keeping them clean.
  • Practise writing the number 3 and singing number songs.
  • Exploring stop and go inside and outside.

Messages home:

  • Please ensure that you have applied for your child to start reception in September. You will need to apply to the school and online.
  • Please use the baskets outside for your child’s reading book, homework book, proud clouds and any letters you might have as we will not be checking bags from next week.
  • Please continue to encourage the children to use please and thank you.


Thank you for you support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Lowe and Mrs Bruno