19th March 2021


This week we have been:

Learning about eggs and what things are born from eggs. We read ‘Tom and the dinosaur egg’ and then an egg come in the post that we have to look after until it can be picked up! We kept it warm and left it alone and it started to hatch! We were drawing pictures of things we think might be inside the egg. We also learnt about some animals that are born in eggs.

In maths this week we have been counting and sorting eggs in different ways. We sorted eggs into small/medium/big and by colour. We then counted how many we had and decided which group had the most/least.

In RE this week we have been celebrating Clean Monday by making and flying kites.

In Science we have been exploring melting and freezing and looking at the different kinds of animals that come from eggs.  

Next week we will be:

  • Learning about things dinosaurs eat
  • Measuring dinosaurs using cubes
  • Starting to learn the sounds of the alphabet
  • Exploring inside and outside
  • Continuing our learning about being safe online

Thank you for your ongoing support Mrs Herne

Mrs Lowe and Mrs Bruno