1st February 2019

Transport – In the water

This week we have been:

Learning about modes of transport you may see in or on the water. We read a story called ‘Mr Gumpys outing’. Mr Gumpy was very kind, even when the animals did not listen to him he still took them home for tea. We used the boats in the water tray and the figures from the story to count how many passengers would fit into different sized boats before they sunk. We have been exploring boats in the water tray, playing a game where we needed to put animals into an ark and we made boats using the junk modelling. We then tested the boats we made to see if they would float or sink! We found that plastic was the best material, paper and card went soggy and we noticed that if we used plastic with holes it would also sink. 

In phonics this week we continued to find words that have the same sound at the beginning. 

In RE this week we finished reading the creation story. We know that God made the sky, the land, the water and then people and animals. We drew pictures and wrote about how God made the world. We also learnt about ‘The Three Hierarch’s’. We found out more about each of the saints and noticed that they made a great team altogether. We then started to think about what we are good at. 

Next week we will be:

  • Celebrating Chinese New Year.
  • Learning about positional numbers. 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.

How you can help at home: 

  • Continue name writing, as of next week please help your children in the morning and practice writing their names.
  • Practical number work, adding one more, taking one way, what happens to the number?
  • Recording their learning in their home learning books, please encourage the children to do it themselves no matter how big or small.

Messages home:

Even though the weather is getting colder we are still using the outside area, even if it’s just for a short time. We do have a box of hats, scarves and mittens that the children must wear when they are outside. Please put your child’s own hat, scarf and gloves in their bags ready for when they go home.

Thank you for support, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Lowe and Mrs Bruno