Wednesday 03.02.2021

Good Morning everyone , we hope you enjoy your learning today.


Group 1.

We will be continuing to practice writing sentences today . Please look again at yesterdays poster to remind your child how to write a perfect sentence.

Perfect sentence.

Please now use these words to write a simple sentence, in your red book.

dog                                        jam

bed                                       sun

map                                     van


Group 2.

Today we will be writing more sentences. Please share the poster below with your child, to remind them how to write a perfect sentence.

Perfect sentence.

Please now use 3 words for each sound and write a sentence in your red book.

Ng                                                             Qu

ring                                                         quick

swing                                                      quiz

bang                                                       quack

hang                                                       queen


Group 3

Today we will be learning the ‘ir’ sound. Please watch the video below

Please now use the PowerPoint to read the ‘ir’ words.

PowerPoint ir


Today we will be continuing to learn about  repeating patterns. Please remind your child what a repeating pattern is and then complete the worksheet below.

Repeating patterns


Today we would like the children to carry out an experiment to see why it is important to wash their hands with soap and not just water.

To carry out this experiment you will need a bowl of water , some pepper flakes and soap.

Please open the link below and follow the instructions to carry out the experiment.

Why Soap Works Experiment Instructions Activity

When you have completed the experiment ,please explain to your child that if they do not wash their hands with soap the germs stay on their hands and that is how germs are spread.

Below is a link showing the experiment, that you may like to share with your child.

Physical wellbeing

For todays physical activity we would like you to work together  with your child to create an indoor maze. You can use anything that you have at home that is long enough; tape, streamers, ribbon or even old pairs of tights etc. You will need to find a space in your home where you can stick or tie the two ends across either two walls or using furniture in your home. Please watch the video below which shows one possible way of creating an indoor maze.

(1) FUN INDOOR ACTIVITY | Mission Impossible LASER GAME | Activities for kids – YouTube

It may be an idea to hide or place objects or flash cards throughout the maze for your child to collect as they try and make their way through. this could be something your child needs to work on. e.g. letter sounds, colours, shapes. You could add puzzle pieces throughout for them to collect and create a puzzle at the end of the maze or simply place some of their favourite items throughout. Have lots of fun with this and we would love to see pictures or video’s of how you get on.

Please also remember to complete your weekly challenge by Friday.

Thank you to all of you who have been sending us your learning, it has been lovely to see all of your fantastic work.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi