Good Morning everyone, we hope you enjoy today’s learning.

Group 1

Today we  would like you to watch the video below and see how many of the  ‘sh’ you can read.


After you have read the words we would like you to revisit yesterdays sentences that you wrote and copy 1 more new sentence that you made, in your red book. Please remind your child that each word is separate and that when you put them together they make a sentence.

Group 2

Today we would like you to begin by reviewing the words that you read yesterday using the digraph game.

qu,ch,sh,th,ng Read and Race Game

After you have played the game, we would like you to use some of the words below to make some new sentences. Just like yesterday you can either print some of the sentences or write them and use them to make some new sentences. Today we would like you to write 2 of the sentences that you have made, in your red book.

Sentence building

Group 3

Today we will be continuing to focus on reading more high frequency words. After you have watched the video and read the words we would like you to use 2 of the words to write sentences, in your red book.



Today we are going to continue to learn about measuring , focusing again on height.

Yesterday the children thought about the height of their family members, and used a range of toys to decide which was the tallest and smallest.

Today we would like them to look at some towers made from bricks and see if they are able to place them in the correct height order starting with the shortest and finishing with the tallest .



Today we would like the children to watch the Power Point about dinosaurs .We would then like the children to choose 2 dinosaurs to write sentences about.

Dinosaur Names

Here are some suggestions for information that they can include in their sentences

  • What was the dinosaur called ?
  • What color was the dinosaur ?
  • What size was it ?
  • Do you know how your dinosaur moved, did it have legs or wings  ?
  • Did your dinosaur have a tail ?
  • Did your dinosaur have a long neck ?

When the children have written about the dinosaurs maybe they would like to  draw or paint  a picture of them.

Thank you, we hope you enjoy your learning today.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi