23rd March 2018


This week we have been:

Learning about the Easter story. We have heard a different part of the story each day and used props from the role-play to help us tell the story. So far we have learnt about:

Palm Sunday, Holy Monday,  Holy Tuesday,  Holy Wednesday,  Holy Thursday, Good Friday and  Easter Saturday.

We are looking forward to learning about the rest of the story and finding out the good news.


This week in phonics we learnt the sounds:

  • ‘t’ – down the tower, across the tower.
  • ‘g’ – around her face, down her hair and give her a curl.

Please go over these sounds at home as well as the ones we have learnt so far – s, a, m, d, p, i, and n.


In maths this week we explored time and looked at how long it takes to do things. We used the book ‘Dinosaur time’ to help us and explored time using sand timers and stop watches.


This week we took part in a circus show! We learned how to do tricks with a scarf and how to balance a feather on our hands!

Next week we will be:

  • Continuing our Easter learning by telling the last part of the story.
  • Learning the sounds o, c, k, ck.
  • Having fun and celebrating Easter.

How you can help at home:

  • Continue name writing.
  • Continue looking at the sounds we have learnt.
  • Everyday counting and recognising numbers to 20.
  • Talk to the children about our Easter learning.

Thank you again for your wonderful support, Mrs Herne,

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Bruno and Miss Kelly.