24th June 2022

Jack and the beanstalk

This week we have been:

Reading the story ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. We had lots of fun listening to the story and exploring it in lots of ways. We made our own very big beanstalk using the creative table, planted beans and built different sized beanstalks using the cubes, exploring size. 

In phonics this week we have been learning the sounds v, j, y and w. Please explore these sounds at home, what can you find at home that has these sounds at the start?

In science this week we explored wet and dry. We watched ‘Kit and Pup’ and then explored wet and dry using different items and a bowl of water. We also used wet and dry when thinking about the weather this week.  

In RE this week we have been learning about Pentecost and revisiting the Ascension. We read the story and watched a video. We when made our own holy spirit that we took home. The Holy Spirit Comes (Watch upto 2 min:15 secs)

Next week we will be:

  • Exploring beanstalks further by reading ‘Jack breaks the beanstalk’
  • Sequencing events from traditional tale stories.
  • Learning the sounds ch, th, z and x.
  • Learning about Islam.

Thank you for your ongoing support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Bruno and Mrs Lowe