4th June 2021

Traditional Tales – Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we have been:

Reading the story ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. We have enjoyed telling the story in the sand and outside, we have been planting our own seeds, measuring beanstalks in maths and drawing pictures from the story.

We have been learning the sounds of alphabet and we have now finished them all! I will add some sounds here over the next few weeks that you can explore and play games with at home. This week can you explore the sounds m, a, s, and d. 

In science this week we have been planting seeds. We know that plants need water, sun and time to be able to grow. Also, over the weekend our caterpillars turned into cocoons! We are going to keep them safe and hopefully they will turn into butterflies. 

In RE this week we invited Miss Ali to come and learn with us. We learnt about the Hijab (head scarf) and the prayer mat. We know what Miss Ali does when she goes to mosque and how she prays. We learnt that although Miss Ali looks a little different she is still human like us. We do the same things and should all be treated the same. The children enjoyed playing, eating and learning with Miss Ali. Some of us used our dance scarves as head scarves.  

After half-term we will be:

  • Exploring fantasy stories starting with ‘On the way home’.
  • Revisiting 2D shape looking closely at their properties.
  • Exploring near and far.
  • Learning about the Ascension and Fathers day.

Home learning ideas:

  • Plant and grow your own flowers at home. What did you plant?
  • Play games or practise writing with the sounds m, a, s and d.
  • Design your own butterfly! What do you think our caterpillars/cocoons will turn into?

Messages home:

  • Please note that next week will be half-term so the children will not be in school. Monday 14th June is an inset day so we will see you all in school on Tuesday 15th June.
  • As you are aware we have been sending home texts and messages to ask that the children bring their jumper and a light raincoat to school.  We are outside all the time and the weather is very unpredictable. We want to ensure that we can still learn outside even if its raining.

Thank you for your support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Bruno and Mrs Lowe