7th February 2020

Transport – In the water

This week we have been learning:

About all the different modes of transport that you use in the water. We read ‘Mr Gumpy’s outing’ and used the story the tell our own stories in the water tray. We also drew pictures and wrote key words at the writing table and used the characters to help us  count and record numbers in the maths area.

In phonics this week we have been learning:

  • c – curl around the caterpillar.
  • k – down his body, tail, leg.
  • We also learnt about the sound  ‘ck’ and the sound they make when the letters are next to each other.

In RE this week we continued the creation story and found out the next part of the story, God made water. We added the pictures to the picture board and made our own stories.

In science this week we have been thinking about waves and how they are made in the water. We watched a video that demonstrated different waves being made with a parachute, with a skipping rope, with a dance string, with our arms and with our bodies. We then made waves in the water using our mouths to blow the water.

Next week will be investigations week. We will be:

  • Reading stories about the sea and learning how to look after the sea.
  • Learning how to count in 10’s.
  • Taking part in the penny challenge, please bring in your 1p coins!
  • Learning about Valentines day.
  • Using the bee-bots.

How you can help at home:

  • Continue name writing, the children are doing really well.
  • Counting activities with numbers to 20.
  • Explore making waves in the bath or shower at home!
  • Talk to the children about looking after the world and what we can do to protect the animals in the world.

Thank you for your ongoing support, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Lowe and Mrs Bruno.