This week in Year 5, we have had an exciting week exploring our new learning topic – Stories from other Cultures. We have been exploring extracts and whole-texts such as ‘The Pearl Diver’ by Julia Johnson and ‘Gregory Cool’ by Caroline Binch. We also looked at three different versions of the classic story ‘Cinderella’ one version was French/Caribbean and the other version was Egyptian. The children identified key language features used during these stories to reflect various cultures/traditions.

The story of ‘Egyptian Cinderella’ was also linked to launching our Ancient Egypt History topic!

In Numeracy this week:

We began our week by recapping our learning of word problems! We had a great time solving addition and subtraction problems using the ‘R.U.C.S.A.C’ technique. Read. Understand. Calculate. Solve. Answer. Check. Later in the week, we were learning to calculate units of time and convert units of time. We also began calculating area of a given shape.



In R.E, we celebrated Diwali – ‘The Festival of Light’. We linked the traditional story of ‘Rama and Sita’ to our Literacy learning (story from another culture).

Remembrance Day: We had two huge key dates to study this week! We began our learning journey by creating our own poppies/ wreaths. Our Wreath were used to represent our class showing respect for the lives that were lost during the War, during our Remembrance Assembly, To reflect the learning of this day, we wrote diary entries from the perspective of a young soldier arriving at the front line trench for the first time. Our diary entries, showed empathy and understand of the harsh realities that occurred during the war.

In History, we explored the question: Where is Egypt and why do so many people go on holiday there? We explored a World Map, locating Egypt and looking at the African Continent to identify neighbouring countries. We then researched different aspect of Egyptian life and culture for instance – food and attractions.


Home Learning:

In year 5 we would like the children to be constantly practicing their times tables, number bonds, spellings and reading.

We suggest a minimum of 40mins of reading each day; this will consolidate strategies learnt in the class and ultimately make the children better and more confident readers.

It would be beneficial to practice number bonds at least three times a week. Number bonds are two number that add together to make another; for example 394+606, 8+2, 65+35.

 We advise that the children need to practice their times tables regularly in order to support their knowledge and understanding when performing operations (times and divide).

Please click the following link to explain the weekly Mathletics and Spellodrome Home Learning. 

Home Learning for Week beginning 9.11.15

Extra Numeracy Home Learning

For the second Home Learning task, please click on the relevant link (the link for your Numeracy group) to reveal your extra Numeracy challenge. . It is based on the learning we have covered so far in our numeracy lessons, which then consolidates the learning which takes place in school.

Area Q ALL – For all groups



All home learning tasks (Spelling and Numeracy) are due in:

20TH November 2015

Have a lovely weekend!