Year 5 – week beginning 23/11/15


This week in Literacy, we have continued to explore our learning topic – Stories from other Cultures. We have been exploring a variety of stories such as ‘Masai and I’ based on The Masai Tribe in Kenya and ‘Jemmy Button ’ based on a true story of a boy who was taken from his home in Tierra Del Fuego, in the early 1800’s, to England.  Our Literacy learning has been based around these texts. We have been exploring the characters through role-play and writing diary entries and exploring the settings by writing linked paragraphs (comparing our lives/environment with the setting of another country).

In Numeracy this week:

We have continued with our learning of word problem to build us up to our surprise… We completed questions from a practice SATs paper!!!  We had a great time solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems using the ‘R.U.C.S.A.C’ technique. Read. Understand. Calculate. Solve. Answer. Check. Later in the week, we were learning how to reflect shapes from the mirror line.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our week of challenging Numeracy learning and we are feeling very confident with the skills we have developed!



In R.E, we celebrated the feast day of ‘The Entrance of The Virgin Mary into the Temple.’ We explored the key events which took place during this special day by learning about the story and studying the Icon. We then re-told the key events of this special day through the eyes of a witness! We were amazed by what we learnt, as we discovered that The Virgin Mary was very faithful and commitment to God – even from the young age of 3 years old!

Home Learning:

In year 5 we would like the children to be constantly practicing their times tables, number bonds, spellings and reading.

We suggest a minimum of 30mins of reading each day; this will consolidate strategies learnt in the class and ultimately make the children better and more confident readers.

It would be beneficial to practice number bonds at least three times a week. Number bonds are two number that add together to make another; for example 394+606, 8+2, 65+35.

 We advise that the children need to practice their times tables regularly in order to support their knowledge and understanding when performing operations (times and divide).

Please click on the following link to explain the Spellodrome and Mathletics Home Learning.

 Week beginning 23.11.15

We have also set you another Spellodrome assessment on adverbs! Please log onto Spellodrome to access this assessment.

All home learning tasks (Spelling and Numeracy) are due in:

4TH December 2015


Extra Home Learning project!!!

As a second Home Learning task, we have set you a research project on Egyptian Pharaohs! You also have a special DT task to complete as part of the project!

Click the link below to reveal your special task:

Pharaoh Home Learning project

You have 2 weeks to complete this project – Due date: 11th December 2015

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂