Welcome to Year 6

Tuesday reading answers

tuesday reading answers

Monday reading answers

monday reading answers

SATs information for parents

Please find some useful information regarding SATs here: SATs info for parents pdf

Home learning Friday 3rd Feb

Comprehension is here:

Box of robbers comp 1

box of robbers comp 2

box of robbers comp 3

box of robbers questions 1

box of robbers questions 2

box of robbers questions 3

answers for last week are here:

peter pan answers

Handwriting is here:

cloze 3rd feb

and answers for last week here:

answers for 3 feb answers for 27 jan

Grammar is here:

grammar 1

grammar 2

grammar 3

grammar 4

grammar 5

grammar 6

grammar 7

grammar 8

grammar 9

grammar 10

Answers from last week are here:

answers for 27 jan 1

answers for 27 jan 2



Home learning 27 Jan 2017

Comprehension is here:

peter pan comp

peter pan comp 2

peter pan comp 3

peter pan questions

peter pan questions 2

peter pan questions 3

Answers for last week are here:

oliver twist answers

Vocab / handwriting is here:

cloze 27 jan

and answers for last week here:

answers for 20 jan

Grammar is here:

SATs grammar 27 jan

Home Learning Friday 20th Jan

Your comprehension is here:

oliver twist comp 1

oliver twist comp 2

oliver twist questions 1

oliver twist questions 2

oliver twist questions 31

Vocabulary homework is here:

cloze friday 20th jan

Previous comprehension answers are here:

kipling answers

little women answers


answers for 20 dec

answers for 13 dec


great fire of london answers



Home learning

Grammar home learning is here

sats grammar13 jan 2017

Comprehension is here (pages are listed individually)

Little women comp page 1

little women comp page 2

little women questions 1

little women questions 2

little women questions 3




Year 6 Christmas Home Learning

Your comprehension is here: Rudyard Kipling

Grammar is here SATs grammar 20 dec

SATs grammar 9 Dec

Handwriting is here: Handwriting 20 Dec

Numeracy is here: Shanghai Chapter 1.1 1.2

You also have your writing task and mathletics and spellodrome.


Year 6 Week Ending 2 December

Your weekly comprehension is here – Five Children and IT and answers from last week are here Black Beauty Answers

Grammar is here – sentences page 37 to 44 and answers from last week are here word types page 28 to 36 answers

Numeracy is here – Section Three Fractions Percentages and Decimals and answers from last week are here answers section one

Literacy booster answers are here – page 36 to 41 reading comp

Numeracy booster answers are here – algebra answers

Don’t forget to do your mathletics and spellodrome too.