Crete and Santorini 20.4.20

Hello Year 2, we hope that you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed celebrating at home. Well done on all of your excellent learning and activities you have been doing at home!!! 🙂

Below is a daily timetable you could follow if you would like to and some suggested activities to help support you in your learning.

Daily Timetable

BBC is also doing some fun learning which includes videos to help you with your learning. Just copy and paste the link below into your browser to use these excellent resources.

This week in Numeracy you will be learning all about fractions!! Below are your activities.

Day 1 Finding a Half and Quarter

Day 2-3 Fraction Number Line Worksheets

Day 2-3 Fractions Number Lines

Day 2-3 Fractions Numberline PPT

Day 4-5 Finding Fractions of Amounts

Day 4-5 Problem Solving Fractions


In your Literacy this week you will be learning about recounts and diary entries. Read the instructions to the link below where you will find the resource and activity (it will be labelled at the bottom of the page.)

Day 1-4 Diary of a Wombat

Remember to continue doing the Twinkl activities downloaded previously and complete activities on Busythings and Epic Reading!!!!

Spellings to learn this week:

  • station
  • fiction
  • motion
  • national
  • section

Have a lovely week.

Miss Raval & Mrs Mukisa