Crete and Santorini

Hello Year 2. We hope that you are all keeping healthy and safe. This week we have added some spellings that you should be learning. If you do not know the meanings of these words remember to find them in a dictionary and also learn the definition for the word as well. This is so you can use them effectively within your writing.

In R.E  we will be doing some cross-curricular learning so that we can complete some literacy activities whilst learning about the Easter Story. Each day this week read one slide from the Easter Story PPT labeled Day 1, Day 2, etc. Then write the event for that day. You may choose to write a continuous story for the Easter Story or you may choose to record the story in different narratives such as a letter, diary entry, newspaper report, poster, fact file for the day’s events to record Holy Week.

Please also continue to complete the activities that we have previously put online for you to do whilst you are at home to support you in your learning in Literacy, Numeracy and Science. There are many different activities, topics, and subjects for you to choose from.

Spellings to learn this week:

  • merriment
  • happiness
  • plentiful
  • penniless
  • happily

R.E Learning

Day 1 Lazarus

Day 2 Palm Sunday

Day 3 Holy Monday Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

Day 4 Holy Tuesday The Wise and Foolish Virgins

Day 5 Holy Wednesday The Sinful Lady

Day 6 Holy Thursday The Last Supper

Day 7 Holy Friday Good Friday

Day 8 Holy Saturday Sabbath Day

Day 9 Holy Sunday The Resurrection


A lovely animated video of The Easter Story for you to watch.