Crete Class Week Ending 11.3.16

Welcome to Year 2 Crete Class!

This week in Crete Class

In our Literacy lessons we have been continuing our learning on information texts. We have created our own zig-zag information books on The Great Fire of London including headings as questions (When did the Great Fire of London start?), creating pictures and writing captions for them as well as using dictionaries to create our glossaries.

In Numeracy we have been focusing on partitioning two digit numbers into different tens and ones e.g. 35 = 3 tens and 5 ones, 2 tens and 15 ones or 1 ten and 25 ones.

IMG_0703 IMG_0704 (1) IMG_0705

We have also been focusing on adding 2 digit numbers using partitioning column method. We then used these skills to buy items from our bakery shop and identified how much they would cost together.

partition column addition

In R.E. this week we recognised that Jesus is our leader and that he gave his life for us.

In preparation for Clean Monday (Monday 14th March) we made our own kites which we will be flying next week.

Next Week in Crete Class

Subject We will be learning…
Literacy ·        We will be learning about non-chronological reports.

·        We will be researching different nocturnal animals and writing notes on these.

·        Using our information to create headings for our non-chronological reports.

·        Writing our facts into paragraphs.  

Numeracy ·        We will be using our knowledge of numbers to estimate the approximate answer to calculations and word problems.

·        Subtracting 2 two digit numbers in different contexts using the column method and partitioning.   

RE ·         We will be celebrating Clean Monday and flying our kites. (Monday 14th March)        
Phonics Miss MacKinnon’s group will be focusing on the sounds – or/aw and air/are

Mrs Afolabi’s group will be focusing on ir/er

Mrs Yiannourkou and Mrs Basile’s group will be focusing on their initial sounds and sh, th, ch, ng and nk.   


Year 2 Homework 11.3.16

Your username and password for Mathletics is stuck inside the cover of your yellow reading record.       

Weekend Writing Challenge

For the past two weeks we have explored the events of the Great Fire of London and have made our own information booklets about it. For your writing challenge this week I would like you to imagine that you were an eyewitness to the Great Fire of London and write a recount describing your experience. A recount is another form of non-fiction writing and it is a way of re-telling an important event or describing an experience that you have had to others. Therefore, you need to include in your writing: – 

  • The use of the first person and past tense e.g. I saw/I went/I ran.
  • Descriptive words and phrases to help people imagine your experience and adjectives to describe how you felt e.g. I looked around me and saw the roaring flames burning houses before my eyes. I felt devastated that the city I loved had been destroyed and ruined!
  • Time connectives (firstly, next, after) to introduce some paragraphs.
  • Punctuation used correctly (capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks).

I would like you to be as imaginative as possible and write at least a page for your recount. I look forward to reading them!


Book Bags: Please ensure that the children bring their book bag to school every day, as in addition to being a means of transporting reading materials it is a valuable method of communication. We encourage the children to give important notes from their parents direct to their class teacher.

Uniform: Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Children will need their P.E. kits in school on a Thursday and Friday as these are our PE days. Please encourage children to be independent dressers at home, as these skills will be helpful at school.

Reading: We change the children’s reading books daily, so if they have finished their books please ensure that the children put their home reading record and reading book in the basket every morning to be changed. Please support your child with reading at home and record a comment in their reading record.

Phonics: The phonics scheme we follow is Read, Write Inc. Please read and practise your sounds and spellings with your child at home.


Spellings: This week’s spellings are – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



Year 2 Spelling List

Times Tables: Please continue to practise your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables at home as we will be completing weekly challenges on these. They will be given in a random order so please do not just focus on the answers!  

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another fun filled week.

Miss MacKinnon and Mrs Basile