Cyprus and Ithaca Blog 6.11.17

Cyprus and Ithaca Blog: Week Beginning: 6.11.17

Welcome back to Cyprus and Ithaca class,

Cyprus Class Assembly will be on: Friday 10th November 2017 at 9am.

We hope you had a lovely weekend. This week we have been focusing on money and adding and subtracting decimals in Numeracy. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about money management and banks. These sessions will be led by a representative from the Metro Bank who will also be teaching children life skills on how to employ their knowledge of money in real life situations. We will also be focusing on the 9 and 12 times tables.  

In Literacy we have been doing some cross-curricular learning with History and Literacy. This week children have been exploring life in the Roman Times and investigating the battle of the Romans and the Celts.

Children have also role played being news journalists who have been reporting live from the front line of the invasion. Children have also developed their writing skills in incorporating speech into articles that they write using speech marks.

In topic we have been learning about the Roman roads and what did the Romans do for us.

The homework challenge for this week is:

  • You are a Roman Soldier who is about to invade Britain with the Roman Emperor. Write a letter to your family explaining what you are doing and why? How are you feeling? What do you think is going to happen?

Have a whizzing weekend !!!

Miss Raval and Mrs Winters