December 8th 2017


This week we have been learning about:

The First Christmas. We have been learning the Nativity story and why we celebrate Christmas. We have been learning that Jesus is very special to many people and why. We have also been practicing our songs for the Nativity Performance on Thursday, we hope you can make it.

This week Apples and Honey Nursery came to visit us! We had great fun with Greek singing and dancing and then playing games talking about things we like and a game with a balloon! We are really looking forward to our visit to Apples and Honey in the new year.

We have been thinking about colour this week. We have been sorting colours, choosing the colours we need for our paintings and we have been listening to stories about colour. We read Brown bear, Brown bear by Eric Carle.

We have also been talking about Winter this week. We have been looking at different changes that we have seen and will see over the next few weeks. We have had fun changing our Autumn tree to a Winter tree and painting snow pictures.


In phonics this week we have been thinking about words in songs that rhyme. bat, hat, rat/goat, coat, boat/vet, wet, jet/yak, mac, quack/fly, goodbye, cry. Maybe you can have fun with these sets of words at home.

Mrs Baron also treated us to a special visit from a Circle Show company! We played with scarves, walked the tightrope and learnt how to spin a plate.

ITS CHRISTMAS!!!! We have been having great fun celebrating Christmas, wrapping gifts, dressing up and cutting Christmas shapes out of play dough.

Next week we will be learning about:

  • Continuing our Christmas celebrations.
  • Reading Christmas stories.
  • Looking at sizes by boxing up items as gifts.
  • Our Nativity performance.

How you can help at home:

  • Have fun with Christmas and talk about celebrating Jesus’s birthday.
  • Get the children to help you wrap presents, talking about size etc.
  • Continue name writing.

Nativity – Thursday 14th December

We hope that you have all received your letter and costume ideas. Please make sure your child’s costume is in school on Monday 11th December so we can ensure we have all the costumes ready.


The weather is getting colder and we would still like to use the outside! Please can you make sure that the children have hats, gloves and scarves in school, in a bag on their pegs would be great so its easier to get to.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Mrs Herne, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Bruno and Mrs Cosma