February 2nd 2018

Transport – In the water

This week we have been learning:

We have been learning about transport in the water. We have been making boats and using boats in the water tray. We read ‘Mr Gumpy’s outing’ and looked at how many animals were in the boat. We then experimented in the water,  how many animals should we have in each boat?. Next week we will be testing boats that we have made. We also re-told the story in the role-play area using a large boat and animal masks.


On the maths table this week we went fishing and counted how many fish we had. We practised writing our numbers and we have also been counting how may animals were in the boat using this weeks story.

In Re this week we have looking at the next part of our creation story. Last week we looked at things that God made in the sky and this week we looked at things that God made on the land.

We have also been continuing exploring magnets, writing our names and looking at alliteration in our phonics learning.

Next week we will investigation week we will be learning:

  • Finalising our transport learning.
  • Extending exploring magnets.
  • Looking at money, adding 1p coins together – Linking to the penny challenge.
  • Making kites for clean Monday.
  • Exploring floating and sinking in the water.
  • Using Bee-bots.

How you can help at home:

  • Continue name writing.
  • Look at coins and talk about simple money.
  • Exploring floating and sinking at home, bath time is perfect!

Wednesday is open morning until 10:00am, it would be great to see you!

Just a reminder, Friday is number mufti day.

If you have any trousers/knickers/pants/socks that belong to the nursery please can you return them as soon as you can as we are running very low on spare clothes for the children.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Herne, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Bruno and Mrs Cosma