Group 1

Watch the video below with your child introducing them to blending and segmenting, this is something we will be working on a lot next week.

Use the flash cards below to play a blending and segmenting game with your child, Show your child the pictures and then sound out one of the pictures- using only the 3 sounds d not say the word, have your child try and listen to what word they think you are saying and show the correct picture. Then take turns, have your child sound out one of the words to you (with support if needed) Then you guess what word they are trying to sound out.

CVC flash cards

Group 2

Review CVC words using the video below.

Explain to your child that you can put CVC words together to create a sentence.  Use the document below ask your child to read the sentences and match them to the pictures.

CVC word sentences


Group 3 

Please review all sounds taught previously this week; sh, ch, th, ng. Todays new sound will ‘nk’

Task- Please look at the story below and ask your child to listen out for and spot any nk words they can in the story. Ask your child to underline/colour the words they see, can they copy and read these words onto paper/in their books. Talk with your child can they think of a sentence to write using 3 of the words they found in the story.

pink pig story


Review yesterdays lesson, finding 1 more using a number line, ask your child what was their favourite way of finding 1 more, use this method to complete the worksheet below. Where you will find 1 more and 2 more of a given number.

1 and 2 more than

PSED and Wellbeing. 

Use the document below to talk to your child about the feelings shown discuss how these feelings might make them feel physically, maybe link them to experiences at home where you or your child may have felt this way. Ensure that your child is aware of what to do if they are feeling a certain way.  work with your child to match the situations in the document to how these may make you feel.

emotion matching activity.

We hope you have enjoyed your learning this week.

Don’t forget today is Friday so we would like to see your weekly challenge of making a rocket. 

Look forward to more fantastic learning next week.


Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi