Group 1

Again please review all letter sounds with your child so that they begin to remember them from sight.

letter sounds Powerpoint.

Review blending with your child practice reading the words in the PowerPoint below:

CVC word PowerPoint

Once your child is feeling confident in blending sounds to read words, have them play the game below, can they read the words and catch the correct picture.

Fishy Phonics (Phase 2) – Online Phonics Game (

Group 2

Please review the digraphs that have been taught this week, using the flash cards that you have been making.

sh       ch      th     ng      nk     qu

If you do not have flash cards for all digraphs then please spend time today making these with your child so that they can refer back to them. If you do spend some time going through these so that your child is familiar with them at first sight.

Use the document below, have your child say the word together and have your child sound it out, can they say what digraph is in the word and attempt writing all of the sounds they hear in the word.

Group 3.

Please review digraphs learnt this week (oo, oo, ar).

Todays new sound is going to be ‘or’ watch the video below with your child learning the sound and reading the green words together;

Phonics Lesson – Set 2 ‘or’ sound for Reception and Year 1 – YouTube

Now spend some time looking around your home for words that have the ‘or’ sound in them try and find 5 objects, have your child create labels for these items. If you can not find 5 items them have your child draw something and label it. some ideas below;

Door, fork, floor, corn, pork, shorts.


Use the video below to recall the names of the 3D shapes, collect 3D shapes from around your home as you name each shape in the song.

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid) – YouTube

Today you will be describing 3D shapes model to your child how to describe a shape using words like ’round’ ‘straight’ ‘curved’ ‘edges’ sides’. using the objects that you have found go through each one saying what 3D shape it is and how you know.

Now place all of the shapes into a bag, box or pillow case. and take it in turns to put your hands into the bag and describe what you can feel and have your child guess what shape you have. Swap over and have your child feel a shape in the bag, can they describe it, they may need prompting in using the correct language.


Recall the story that we heard during our first online session, the story is below so that your can watch it again.

The Colour Monster – YouTube

Use the picture of the colour monster below to create your own colour monster, thinking about the different feelings from the story.

Colour monster

You can also listen to the colour monster song below to finish off your learning on Feelings and understanding them.

The Colour Monster Song – Lyrics – YouTube

Please remember that tomorrow is Friday and so the last day to submit your weekly challenge. 

Thank you for sending us all of the work you have been doing this week, it was lovely to see you all in our meetings yesterday. Thank you to all those children and parents that joined us

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi