Home learning 1.4.21

Good evening Year 4s,

Well done for making it this far in the term. I know that if you have friends from other schools they may be on holiday now and we still have school, but we are really impressed with the continued attitude you have had with your work.

Just a quick reminder to keep practising your times tables as we will start testing them again from next week and we have seen that some of you are not as confident as you used to be.

This week’s writing homework is as follows:


Lily, Tulip, and Oz have made it to Egypt finally but things are not as they seem. The Canopic jar that has made Grandpa ill has now affected all of Egypt. People are falling ill everywhere. There are massive sandstorms and tornados appearing in the desert randomly. Also, it seems that the god Anubis had been brought to life as well and he is on the side of the children. Lily, Tulip, and Oz must team up with Anubis to save the whole of Egypt and potentially the whole world. However other, not so helpful, gods have been brought back from the underworld and plan to stop the team from accomplishing their goal. Will our trio and their godly companion complete their mission? Or will the world crumble from the curse of the mummy…


This homework can be handwritten in your homework book or it can be typed up onto purple mash on the 2 do I have set for you.

Enjoy your long weekend and rest up ready for Tuesday.

Happy Easter for those celebrating this weekend.

Mr Skinner and Mr Theophilou