Home learning – 12.04.2022

Good afternoon Yr 6’s

Homework for the Easter Holiday:

We are giving you a range of practice tests to do during the holiday. Please can these be completed under timed conditions and then marked after using the mark scheme provided. This will help you to practice as well as identify any areas you need to focus and revise over the Easter break. Keep in mind we don’t have very long left when we come back to school so please try your best to focus and work hard on these practice papers.


1 x Maths Paper 1 Arithmetic – 30 minutes

1 x Maths Paper 3 Reasoning – 40 minutes


1 x Reading paper – 60 minutes

1 x SPaG paper – 45 minutes  (not Kalymnos class)


This homework is due on Wednesday 27th April 2022.

Have a lovely Easter break!! 🙂

Miss Bruno and Mr Skinner