Home Learning 7.5.21

Afternoon Year 4,

Well done for all your hard work this week.

For your home learning for the next 2 weeks, we would like you to create a poster about Ancient Greece. You should include facts about the following things:

  • Greek gods/goddesses
  • Ancient Greek life
  • Military
  • Famous ancient Greeks
  • Food

You can make this as creative as you want. You can also make something on the computer an bring it in on a USB stick.

This will be due on 19th May.

Also for Ithaca class;

As discussed in class, we have our class performance coming up this week. Attached below are the Ithaca assembly script and the Ithaca class song that you learnt with k. Chrysanthos. You must ensure tat you know your lines by heart.

Ιθάκη Y4 – class song. 

Ithaca assembly – Script.


Keep in mind that not everyone will have lines during the performance, but will have other tasks throughout which will be explained in the upcoming week.

Thank you

Mr Skinner and Mr Theophilou