Ithaca YEAR 5 – Week beginning 28/9/15


This week in Year 5, we have had an exciting week exploring the works of a significant author…ROALD DAHL! We have spent the week expressing our opinions about the writing style of Roald Dahl – across a range of his books. This includes highlighting the plot, themes and description of the characters across a range of books such as George’s Marvellous Medicine and The Twits. The children have expressed clearly that they feel particularly outraged by the common theme of ‘mean adults mistreating children!’ Later in the week, the children were given an opportunity to seek their revenge on these mean adults by planning a prank that Mr and Mrs Twit could play on each other. The children planned their prank/trick in clear paragraph and began creating complex sentences (A sentence containing a subordinate clause or clauses.)

Next week in Literacy:

The children will have opportunities to develop their spoken language skills! They will have the opportunity to role-play a popular character from one of Roald Dahl’s books – acting out thoughts and actions. The children will also be researching Roald Dahl and putting together a presentation about his life and why he is significant.


In Numeracy this week:

We began our week by finding pairs of factors of two digit numbers! We learnt that a factor is a number that goes exactly into another. We also discovered how to find the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) between various times tables. We learnt that to find the LCM of two or more numbers, we have to list the multiples of the larger number and stop when you find a multiple of the other number.  For example, 6 is the lowest common multiple of the 2 and 3 times table, as it is the smallest number which both 2 and 3 will go into without a remainder. We then continued to develop our learning of factors by creating factor trees, which also lead to developing our understanding of prime numbers! In other words, we have had a busy start to our week! Later in the week, we continued to develop our protector skills! We have been drawing and measuring various acute, obtuse and reflex angles using a protractor.

Next week in Numeracy:

We will be learning to find square and cube numbers. Towards the end of the week we will be learning to measure the perimeter of regular and irregular shapes. So we have another busy week ahead of us!

To prepare for this week, you could find a definition as to what square and cube numbers are!


In R.E, we celebrated a very special feast day in school…On the 2nd October we celebrated the feast day of our school’s Patron Saint – St Cyprian! Therefore, we shared the story of St Cyprian and St Justina and reflected on the importance of these two special saints. We carefully reflected upon the moral message of their life story and thought about how we can apply the message to our own lives. As a class, we recognised that St Cyprian’s life started off on a wrong path without God (one of ‘darkness’). However, he turned his life around and repented, leading him onto a path towards God (one of ‘light’). This taught us that no matter how many mistakes we make, we can always make it back onto the right path if we are willing to make a change.

Home Learning:

In year 5 we would like the children to be constantly practicing their times tables, number bonds, spellings and reading.

We suggest a minimum of 30mins of reading each day; this will consolidate strategies learnt in the class and ultimately make the children better and more confident readers.

It would be beneficial to practice number bonds at least three times a week. Number bonds are two number that add together to make another; for example 394+606, 8+2, 65+35.

 We advise that the children need to practice their times tables regularly in order to support their knowledge and understanding when performing operations (times and divide).


Spellings will be set weekly; the children will have a week in which to practice. We recommend that children practice using the look-cover-write technique, as well as saying out loud.

This week for home learning, I have set the following Spellings:





















Children should practice these spellings (also available on Spellodrome) and put them into a sentence. If the children are unaware of the meaning of any of these spellings, we encourage children to use a dictionary to help them.


As the second Home Learning task, please click on the title/link below for the weekly numeracy home learning. Please click on the link relevant for your Numeracy group. There is also an answer sheet attached but please use this at the end to check your answers!

factor_trees Red, Green and Blue for Red, Green and Blue group

factor_trees for Yellow and Purple

 All home learning tasks (Spelling and Numeracy) are due in:

9th October 2015

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Anastasiou