January 19th 2018

Transport – In the air

This week we having learning:

We have been reading ‘Jeremiah the Jellyfish’. Jeremiah swapped his job under the sea for a job on the land. He used several modes of air travel to travel to work, home and to parties. We made our own air transport using the recycled materials. We also explored air travel in our sand tray and on the carpet area with the big blocks.

We also read ‘Whatever next’. Mrs Herne had a box, a colander, a pair of wellies, a teddy, some food and a blanket. She read us the story using the items from the story! We really enjoyed listening to the story so Mrs Herne put the items in the role play so that we can tell the story ourselves. We travelled past an owl, an aeroplane and fluffy clouds just before we land on the moon.

We have been learning how to count to 10 and then back again. We pretended we were rockets, we started very small and grow to blast off, counting down from 10. We have also been very busy learning how to write our numbers to 10.

In RE this week we have been learning about St Basil. We learned about the vasilopita cake and why money is put inside. Mrs Herne made us all cakes for us to take home. (I wish you all good luck and fortune for the year ahead).

In phonics this week we have been continuing listening for words with the same sound. For example, socks, snakes, sausages. We will continue this over the next few weeks.

We also talked about what we would like to be when you grow up. Mrs Herne has made a hive and hung our dreams from it. Please come in and have a look!

Next week we will learning:

  • Transport we use on the land.
  • Continuing to work on numbers to 10.
  • How God made the sky.
  • Magnets.

How you can help at home:

  • Playing games with numbers, recording numbers where you can.
  • Writing your child’s name, using lower case letters.
  • Exploring magnets in your home.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Mrs Herne, Mrs Bruno, Mrs Lowe and Mrs Cosma.