January 26th 2018

Transport – On the land

This week we have been learning:

This week we read ‘The train ride’. The train travelled to many different places and this week we have been focusing on transport that we see everyday on the land. We explored using trains and building a track, we used the garage outside and had to find cars that would fit down the slopes, we continued to build different modes of transport using the recycled materials and we also used a bus in a maths learning.

In phonics we are continuing to listen to sounds we hear at the start of a group of words and using our voice to make lots of different sounds. Please find the cards attached and use these at home.

voice sound cards

In maths this week we focused on counting to 10 and writing numbers to 10. We used the big red bus to count how many passengers were inside and then we looked at how many passengers we could get in the train and the carriages.

This week Mrs Herne introduced us to magnets!! We were looking at what sort of things attract and not attract to a magnet. We had horseshoe magnets and bar magnets and we explored around the classroom and outside. We found lots of different things that attract to a magnet we call these magnetic, the ones that do not attract are called non-magnetic. We also explored the magnet tray, please come and have ago next week!

In RE this week we talked about how God made the world. We have started building the sky and we will build the rest of the world over the next few weeks.

Next week we will be leaning about:

  • Transport we use in the water.
  • Continuing to work on numbers to 10.
  • How God made the Land.
  • Continuing to explore magnets.

How you can help at home:

  • Playing games with numbers, recording numbers where you can.
  • Writing your child’s name, using lower case letters. We would like the children to practise their name in class once every week, if you wish to do this with them in the morning you are more than welcome.
  • Explore magnets in your home, using magnet language.
  • Read some alliteration stores with your child. I do have some if you would like to borrow them please do ask.

A my name is Alice  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyv0IDzMtf0

All the Awake Animals


Thank you for your ongoing support

Mrs Herne, Mrs Bruno, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Cosma