Kefallonia 01.02.16

This week in Kefallonia we will be learning all about Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics!

We will be thinking about how they help us, what things they might use in their job and what they do day to day.

In Literacy, we will be writing out our own prescriptions, making our own medicines and then writing lists of what we have put in them and what they cure.

In Miss Meyer’s Phonics group we will be continuing our work with digraphs. This week we will be looking at igh (as in high) ow (as in snow) and oo (as in zoo). Miss Hopper’s phonics group are going to recap on letter formation and blending skills.

In Maths we are going to work on one more, one less. We will be using sorting objects and sweeties to work out what one more is and one less is. Once we’ve got the hang of that, we will be thinking about how to write it as a number sentence (5-1=) etc.

In RE we will be learning about the three heirarchs of the Greek Orthodox faith- St Basil, St Gregory and St John. We will be thinking about why they are all equally important and learning about why they are such special saints.