Kefallonia WB 02/11/15

Welcome back from the half term! This week in Kefallonia, we will be learning about the Three Little Pigs. We have lots of fun activities planned to help us with our learning. We will be building houses out of straw, sticks, and “brick” and seeing which ones are the hardest to puff down. We will also practise retelling the story using finger-puppets and face masks, and we will retell the story using lots of actions to help our memory.

In Literacy, we will be working on our formation of simple words to help us retell the story of the little pigs. Later on in the week we will be completing sentences using our CVC words from the story.

In Phonics, we will continue focussing on blending and letter writing. We will also be looking at the sounds u, b, f, e and l. We will be using the songs from jolly phonics to help us remember the sounds, and the images from RWI to help us write the letters.

In Maths we are focussing on the numbers 10-20, both writing and counting. This will be using lots of different matching games and some play-dough to help our formation too.

RE will be “God made everything in the sky”. We will be thinking about all the different things we find in the sky, considering how it changes, and thanking God for making it all.