Kefallonia WB 11.01.16

This week in Kefallonia we will be learning all about Builders!

We will be thinking about how builders fit into our topic of people who help us as well as looking at some of the tools they use and things that they might build!

In literacy we will be writing lists. Using our clipboards, we will be looking at stashes of builders tools and then thinking about how we can clearly write a list of them, not forgetting to use our sounds.

In phonics we are recapping on our digraphs (sh, ch, ck and th) and we will be thinking about when they come at the beginning of a word or at the end.

In numeracy we are sticking with shapes, but we will be moving onto 3D shapes this week! We will be looking to build our own 3D shapes using playdoh and then finding examples of 3D shapes in the classroom.

In RE we will be learning all about St Basil and the Vasilopita.

We hope you all have a fantastic week!