Kefallonia WB 16.11.15

This week in Kefallonia we will be learning all about Goldilocks and the three bears!

In literacy we will be writing simple descriptions of Goldilocks for wanted posters and we will be practising finding the initial sounds in words.

In Phonics we will be continuing to practise our blending and segmenting skills and will be learning the new sounds r, j and v. We will also be recapping on our previously learned sounds and learning some fun jolly phonics songs to help our memories.

In maths we will be looking at patterns- we will be making mummy bear some repeating pattern necklaces to make her feel better about Goldilocks.

In PSED, we will be thinking about how the bears would have felt and how we should behave as a guest in someone else’s house. we will then think about why Goldilocks might have acted that way, and think about how she might have felt too.

We hope you all have a lovely week!