Good morning Year 4s,

Pinch Punch the First of the month!

We hope you had a great weekend.


This week is National Storytelling week. So we will be using this story throughout the week to help our work

The story of Osiris

Monday 1st February 2021

Monday 1st February 2021 – pdf


Here are the slides you will need to download in preparation for this week’s learning sessions.

Monday Maths – PDF

Monday Maths


On Saturday we celebrated the feast day of the 3 Holy Hierarchs.

Today we would like you to answer the following questions related to the 3 Hierarchs:

Who are the Holy Hierarchs and why do we celebrate them?

How can I be like the Holy Hierarchs?

Write a prayer to the Holy Hierarchs.

Orthodox pebbles  – Use this to research the 3 Holy Hierarchs.

Thank you

Mr Theophilou and Mr Skinner