Good morning Yr 4 team,

I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend 🙂 Make sure you download the links before each session and please, please, please go to the bathroom before the session starts!!!



Monday 8.2.21 – Maths

Monday 8.2.21 – Maths – pdf


Monday 8th February

Monday 8th February – pdf


Today in topic you will be asked to draw what you think you would look like as an Egyptian and write your own name using hieroglyphics.

Use the link below to spell your own name.

egyptian hieroglyphs


This week we want you to challenge yourself and try to complete some form of exercise every day. Use the table below to show what you have completed in the week.











Some exercise you could do are press-ups, star jumps, shuttle runs, tuck jumps, skipping rope and step ups.