Welcome to a new week

We would like to begin this week by sharing with you a timetable, it shows the work that will be uploaded and on which days, please see below;

Early years Home learning Uploads.

Our Theme of ‘Transport’ continues this week we will look specifically at vehicles that travel on the land.


Group 1

Review Fridays lesson on ‘Oral blending’ Play a quick game of guessing which word is being sounded out.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJWJx0ILwV8 – YouTube

Watch the video above with your child and practice sounding out the words throughout the song. Use some of the words in the song and create some flash cards, place these around your home and as your sound out a word, have your child run to that flash card. Once they are there have them repeat the word a and sound it out.  For example you sound out c-a-t your child runs to the flash card of a cat and repeats c-a-t ‘cat’.  there are some flash cards below if you wish to print these.

CVC flash cards for video

Group 2

Review last weeks learning on spelling CVC words using the PowerPoint below;

creating CVC words

Introduce the word ‘and’ to your child using the PowerPoint below, practice reading the word and recognising it from memory. Explain that you are going to start making a short sentence by putting words together. Work through the PowerPoint with your child having them fill in the missing words and end with their own final short sentence.

and powerpoint

Group 3

Review the digraphs taught last week ‘sh’ ‘ch’ ‘th’ ‘ng’ and ‘nk’ , complete the sheet below with your child asking them to read and find the correct words using these digraphs.

Digraph reading.

Ask your child to use two of these words to create a short sentence.


After focusing last week on finding 1 more than a given number. This week our focus will be finding one less than a given number.

Work through the PowerPoint below with your child

1 less bubble PowerPoint.

Game task: Using small objects that you have around the home, give your child a group of items and ask them to count how many they have and write that number on a piece of paper. Explain that you are going to do some ‘one less magic’ on these objects. Take a tea towel or piece of fabric and explain that it is magic, when you cover objects with it, it makes 1 disappear (takes 1 away). Cover the objects with the cloth and as you take it away remove one of the objects along with it. Have your child count the objects again and show them that it is one less than they had before. Repeat this a few times and have your child guess before each go how many will be left?

If your child finds this task easy you could extend this by removing more than 1 or asking your child to write number sentences to go with the sums.

English – Reading focus

Our topic this week is Transport on the land.

We will be looking at the story ‘Naughty bus ‘

Show your children the story below.

Naughty Bus narrated by Mrs Harrison – YouTube

have your child think about the story that they have heard, can they remember what happened to the naughty bus. Where did he go? What happened to him?

Task:- Have your child think of a time that they have been on a bus and think of the following questions;

  • Where were they going
  • What did they see inside the bus?
  • What did they see out of the window of the bus?
  • What happened when they wanted to get off?

Can your child draw a very simple map of some of things that they went past and saw on their bus route. This may be one that they are very familiar with e.g coming to school, or one that is special to them e.g. visiting family or a special place.

If your child has never been on a bus have them watch the video below of a London bus tour and have your child complete the same task as above.

Weekly Challenge- Your challenge this week is to create your own transport story, using the naughty bus story as inspiration.

Naughty Bus – YouTube

You could use a bus or a different vehicle, if you do not have a toy one, you can make/draw one.

How you present your story is up to you, below are some ideas. 

  • Draw pictures and have an adult scribe your story.
  • Take photographs of your vehicle in different situations and use these to scribe a story.
  • Create a short video of your story.
  • Create a video of you telling your story.

What will your vehicle get up to, we cant wait to find out!

Don’t forget to read regularly and also complete your weekly assignments set on busy things and purple mash. 

We hope that you all have fun with your learning this week and we look forward to seeing all your wonderful learning.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi