October 13th 2017

All about me

This week we have been learning about:

Things that we like. We have made bags and put things that we like inside and we have been talking about things that we like at home.

We have been counting up to 10 and back again by singing 10 green bottles. We numbered plastic bottles and then watched them fall off the wall!


We have had great fun exploring musical instruments this week. We have been learning how to play them in different ways, when to start and when to stop. We have been listening to sounds that the instruments make and been playing a guessing game with the instruments. We have also been listening to the sounds that animals make.

We have been learning about why we are special to God. We have been looking at the cross and what it means when you see a cross in different places. We know we go to church to see God and that he is always looking over us. We are always in Gods heart and he looks out for us showing that he cares. The children were sent home with a special necklace to show we are always in Gods heart and that he is always in ours. We have been listening to ‘Jesus loves me’ on you tube and the children have really enjoyed it.


We have also been talking about what we look like and using a mirror to help us. We have been painting pictures of our faces!

We have had great fun learning how to move in different ways by playing the jelly bean game. Please ask the children to give you the action for a runner bean, jelly bean, baked bean, French bean and jumping bean.

Next week we will be learning about:

  • Working together as a team, using the Three Little pigs story.
  • Celebrating Diwali.
  • Thinking about our favourite animals.
  • Talking about who is in our family, focusing on who lives in the same house as them.
  • Being safe when we are near the road.
  • Talking about things we are good at.

How you can help at home:

  • Talk with the children about who lives in your house, extend by talking about who is in your family.
  • Talk with the children about being safe when they are out and about with you or others. The children will also be having a talk about firework safety.
  • Talk with the children about what makes then special and unique.

Proud clouds will start week beginning 16th October so let us know what you are proud of at home.

Please feel free to spend the first 10 minutes in the morning (8:40-8:50) working with your children when you drop them off, it would be great to see you and the children really enjoy it.

We will be sending home reading and home learning books after half term.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Herne, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Bruno and Mrs Cosma