Phonics Practice for Half Term

Home reading – you can make a difference this half-term!

Dear parents/ carers,

Your child has made super progress in their reading this year.

Let’s keep them reading this half-term for maximum success in the Phonics Screening Check after half term.

The plan

  • Set aside 10 minutes to watch films with your child each day.
  • Find a quiet space for your child to watch the film on a laptop or tablet.
  • Praise your child as they join in with the lesson.

Listen to your child read every day

You will find Read Write Inc. Storybooks in their bookbag for your child to read to you.

Choose a quiet time when they are wide awake.

Help your child to:

  • read the sounds and words at the front of the book, before they read the story
  • sound out any new words as they read the story.

Read back each page to them, after they have read it.

If the child has enjoyed the story, encourage them to read it again on the next day to increase their fluency.


Most importantly…do it all with patience.

Your support matters!

May half-term parent letter 2024