Tuesday 02.02.2021


Group 1

Today we would like the children to begin to write simple sentences using simple words, just like they were able to do yesterday using the Power Point. Please look at the poster below to share with your child how to write a perfect sentence.

Perfect sentence.

Please use the worksheet below to help your child to complete the sentences using the picture clues.


Group 2

Today we would like your child to  continue to write simple sentences . Please share the poster below with your child to remind them how to write a perfect sentence.

Perfect sentence.

Please use  2 words for each sound and write a sentence for each word.

Sh                                           Ch                                                     Th

shoe                                   cheese                                                  throw

shop                                   chair                                                     thumb

sheep                                 chip                                                       three

Group 3

Today we will be learning the sound ‘air’. Please watch the video below


Using the sheet below please find all the the air words,  and write them in your red book.

Air worksheet


Today we will continue to learn about repeating patterns.  Please re visit yesterdays Power Point below 

Caterpillar Power Point

When you have talked about the repeating pattern in the Power Point please complete the worksheet below.

Repeating Pattern


Today we will be thinking about how we can make other people happy through what we say and do. Please listen to the story below called ‘ Have you filled a bucket today ?’


Please talk to your child about the story and see if they can tell you what the story was about, and how it is nice to say kind things to people and show kindness through our actions.


Using the worksheet below please ask your child to identify 3 things that made people happy in the story and draw them. Then we would like the children  to write a sentence for each picture in their red book.

Feelings sheet

Thank you, we hope you enjoy your learning today.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi.