Reception 8.11.19

Reception 8.11.19

This past week we have been learning about People Who Help Us, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Sunday.

In Literacy the children wrote shopping lists. We learnt about why we celebrate bonfire night and the children created firework pictures. In Phonics we learnt the sounds I, h,j,v and x.

In Maths we used real money to pay for food from our shop.

Next week we will be thinking about People Who Help us in the Post Office, we will be writing letters and continuing to learn about money in our Maths lessons.

In Phonics we will be beginning to spell our own CVC words using all the letters that we have learnt.

In RE we will be learning about Gods house. On Monday we will be taking part in a Remembrance Day assembly where we will be showing everyone the beautiful poppy wreath that we have made.

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