It has come to my attention, while many children are picking up new sounds very well and beginning to use them in their learning and even creating sentences. There are many children who still need to concentrate on the formation of their letters.

Below are the rhymes and formation of the letters that we use in school please practice the correct formation of letters, focusing on start and end points and making sure they can be read by others.


Please do not write the letters for your child or hold their hand when they are writing, allow them to practice independently. If you feel this is something your child needs to work on, you could think about  letting them practice letters in other materials first e.g sand, glitter, flour, paint, salt. Have them practice letters they struggle with over and over.

Group 1

We have been working this week on using CVC words in short sentences. We would like you to continue to practice this. Finish the sentences in the document below but today we would like to to pay particular attention on the formation of your letters.

CVC finish the sentences

Group 2

Please have your child read and copy the sentences in the document below.  Today we would like you to focus not only on reading the sentences independently but also, when writing we would like you to focus on the formation of your letters and your handwriting.

Please have your child read and copy the sentences below, you can either print the sheets to help or model writing the sentence to your child in their book; have them watch how you write each letter and make sure that you leave spaces (make this obvious, you could even place your finger after each word). Have your child copy you focusing on formation and handwriting.

Phase 2 sentence writing

Group 3

Review sounds taught this week  ‘air’ ‘ir’ and ‘ou’.

Todays  new sound is going to be ‘oy’ as in the word toy. Please watch the video below.

Phonics Lesson – Set 2 ‘oy’ sound for Reception and Year 1 – YouTube

Please use the document below. have your child read the sentences aloud taking particular note of the words with the ‘oy’ sound in them. Can you say which sentence belongs to each picture. Please note you do not need to print these pages in order to match the pictures you can simply have your child verbalise, you may wish to do this at the end. Have your child copy the sentences into their books, reading them as they go, taking particular care of handwriting formation of their letters. you may wish to model some of the letters or words for your child if they are struggling.

London Caption Match


This week we have been looking at repeating patterns, review what a repeating pattern is with your child.

Today we are going to look at repeating patterns using numbers. We are going to learn about odd and even numbers.

First we would like you to either print and colour the number line below or create your own number line by writing out the numbers and colouring each one one a different colour in a two colour pattern (odd- blue, even red etc) please talk about the pattern with your child.

number line to 20.

Now you are going to need to collect some things from around your home, in the video they use wooden numbers and counters. you can replace these with numbers written on paper and any small items from around your home (you will need 55 in total) this may be;small sweets, dry beans, small toys, pasta, beads etc. Carry out the activity in the video below with your child,

Montessori Math Lesson – Odd & Even – YouTube

Now use the number line you created and note the pattern in the numbers; odd,even,odd,even,odd,even.

PSED/ EmotionalWellbeing

Today we would like you to have a discussion with your child about a person that they miss while in lockdown. This could be a friend or family member. Talk with your child about this person; what do they miss about them? what will they do/say when they are aloud to see them again? What could they do to let that person know they are thinking of them now?

Please see the document below of ideas;

send a hug

Physical wellbeing

Today we would like you to go for a scavenger hunt around your local neighbourhood. Parents you will need to create a list of things in your local area that you wish your child to find. This could be from trees, flowers, vehicles, stones, twigs etc. To things more specific to your area; a shop, a park etc.

Take your child out and hunt for these things together. If it is not possible to take your child out you could do this activity around your home.

Remember to mark off all of your Physical activities on the lockdown activity card attached in yesterdays blog to be in with a chance of winning some prizes.

As today is the last day of children’s mental health week with the theme ‘express yourself’ today is national dress to express day; We would like you to dress today in an outfit that expresses you! you may choose an outfit that you are most comfortable in, one that expresses how you are feeling or your personality, the more personal and outrages the better! Please send pictures of you in your outfits to us teachers!

Remember today is Friday so it is the last day to submit your weekly challenge which was set on Monday- This week you are creating a collage of what makes you happy (please see monday’s blog for more details)

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment.  We miss you all. 

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi