Mondays Learning. 11.01.21

Good morning All;

Please note in order to use the ‘My busy things’ area of Busy things you will need the codes below in order to add your child to a specific class.

Kefallonia:- mop17               Corfu:- bat90

Our topic this term is Transport and this week we are focusing on ‘Transport in the sky’

Below is todays learning.


Please watch the following video which outlines how to ensure your child is pronouncing sounds correctly. Please ensure when working with your child that you model the sounds in this way.

Please choose 1 of the group activities for your child to complete; if your child is not yet able to blend words and is still working on initial sounds please complete Group 1 work. If your child is able to blend  CVC words with a little support please complete group 2 task. If your child is able to easily read CVC words independently and is working on reading other words, please complete group 3 task.

Group 3 Task

We will be focusing this week on reviewing our ‘digraphs’ .

Please watch the video above and complete the ‘sh’ booklet below.

Sh Sound work.

Group 2 Task

Please watch the following YouTube video and then complete the task set below.

Practice Blending Sounds for Reading- CVC Words – YouTube

Phonics task- Please work with your child on blending sounds in CVC words and then complete the CVC word frames below.

CVC words

Group 1 Task

Please review all set 1 sounds with your child using the video above and then play the PowerPoint game below with your child. Please then use the sounds from the PowerPoint below and ask your child to draw something beginning with each sound.

initial sounds


Maths task

Please review the Numicon numbers on the PowerPoint below.

Numicon PowerPoint

We would like you to spend todays lesson creating your own set of Numicon; you will need paper/card, colouring pens/pencils scissors (please ensure that you focus on your child being able to use scissors correctly as this is a skill we have been working on at school). You will need to draw each Numicon and cut them out, Please where possible try and stick to the colours from the PowerPoint as these are consistent.

English-Reading focus.

Our key text this week is Whatever next and we would like you to watch the story below

English task

Please talk about the story with your child and ask them to use the sequencing pictures to retell the story, can they order the pictures and use them to retell the story.



All children are expected to read daily please use the oxford owl website to access the read write in books similar to the ones your child would have been bringing home from school, the passwords are

Kefallonia:-Kefallonia01         Password:St Cyprians01

Corfu:- corfu01                          Password:- stcyprians01

You can also access books using the get epic website where teachers will be able to track which children are reading. Passwords for this sight are;

Kefallonia:-ucs3642                  Corfu:- tdr3964

Weekly Challenge

Your Challenge this week is to build a rocket, please use any materials you have at home to build a ‘Space Rocket’ we look forward to seeing the end results.

We hope that you enjoy your learning for today and across the week, we look forward to seeing all of your hard work. Most importantly stay safe and have lots of fun.

Thank you for your understanding and co operation.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi