Group 1 

Recall with your child segmenting (sounding out) and blending (putting the sounds together to read) CVC words you could use the video below to remind them and have the practice.

Blending Words for Kids – Phonics and Reading – CVC words Phonics – ELF Kids Videos – YouTube

while practicing reading CVC words point out how the video then puts these words into a sentence.

Have your child use the sentence starters below. Look at the picture together and complete the sentence, have your child use a CVC word to finish each sentence, if they are happy with how these CVC words go on to create a sentence you can the challenge them to write the full sentence e.g. Pat the dog.

complete CVC sentences

Group 2

Please use the document below to first review all of the digraphs that have been taught; sh,,ng,nk, qu. Then spend some time reading the green words seen. Please remember to remind your child if they see a button ( a dot under the letter) then this is a single sound and if they see a line then this means that these two letters are special friends and always stick together to make a new sound (a digraph).

Once your child has practiced reading all of the words, work with them to finish the sentences by looking at the picture to guess the missing word(s). On the last page look at the picture with your child and verbalise a sentence, have your child repeat the sentence over and over until they can recal it independently,  then have them write a sentence to match this picture re-reading what they have written as they go to support them with what comes next.

reading digraph words and making sentences.

Group 3. 

Review digraphs learnt the past two days; air and ir. Todays new sound will be ‘ou’ as in ‘shout’ watch the video below with your child;

Phonics Lesson – Set 2 ‘ou’ sound for Reception and Year 1 – YouTube

Please take some time to watch the story below and have your child read the sentences along with the story, you may need to pause the video and support your child in reading the words from the story.

ou | Fun Phonics | How to Read | Made by Kids vs Phonics – YouTube

Please remind your child of how to write a good sentence and then have them write sentences for the three pictures in the document below.

mouse in the house sentences


Today we would like you to show us your understanding of repeating patterns. We are going to ask you to create 5 different patterns. Please create a mix of patterns using 2 objects, 3 objects and if you can 4 objects. We would like you to use any objects that you have in your home. You could also look around your home and see if you have anything with a repeating pattern this may be clothing, objects in your home, plants in your garden. Please take pictures of the patterns you find and those that you make and send them through to your teachers.


On Saturday 30th January it was the feast day of 3 very special saints known collectively as the Three Hierarchs please go through the document below and follow the task on the final page.

The three hierarchs

Physical Wellbeing

Todays Physical activity is- To create your very own bowling game. You can create this as just a fun target practice game or you can incorporate some learning into it. The best thing to use is empty drink bottles , you can then put labels on them of different numbers, shapes, letter sounds or words you would like your child to learn. You may wish to put a small amount of water inside to stop them from blowing over.

Give your child a ball or rolled up pair of socks if you do not have one and get them to try and knock all of the skittles over. Don’t forget to fill in your Activity card below to win some prizes. 

To go hand in hand with our Physical wellbeing activities. We are going to be running a whole school competition;

Do you want a chance to win a CERTIFICATE and lots of PRIZES?

Then you can try completing the activity card below. Showing us how active you have been over the lockdown. Some of these activities we have already covered and some are still to come. 

You can even add  your own activities, making it as creative as you like.

Lockdown Activity Card

Each activity must be signed off by an adult, and if you can evidence with pictures or videos even better send these as you have been to your child class teacher!

Once we return to school, hand the activity card in to your child class teacher and it will then be handed over to our PE co-ordinator Miss Maloney, who will pick winners. 

Please remember to send your teachers your weekly challenges. 

Also today is Thursday so please remember that both classes have a teams call Kefallonia at 2pm and Corfu at 2.30pm we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

We hope that you enjoy todays learning and look forward to seeing you.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi