Good Morning everyone, we hope you enjoy your learning today.

Today is Safer Internet day and we would like you to share the story of Smartie the Penguin with your child, after reading the story please talk to your child about the right decisions that Smartie made and practice the rhyme with them.


Group 1

Your child should now be confident in Reading and writing CVC words and can continue working on writing these. We will now be learning some more sounds . Please explain to your child that we will be learning a new sound that is made up of two letters that stick together, this is called a digraph.

Please watch the video below to learn the digraph ‘sh’

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /sh/ sound – YouTube

Please now practice reading these ‘sh’ words with your child.

Group 2

Today we would like to introduce red words to your child.  Explain to your child that when reading all green words mean go keep sounding out the words by Fred talking etc. When you come to a red word- just like red lights at traffic lights you have to stop and learn to recognise it from sight.

Show your child the Word ‘‘the’, read it to them and then have them copy the word either on paper or on a whiteboard.

Watch the video below on recognising ‘the’.

The Song: A Learn to Read Sight Word Song for Children – YouTube– The song

Group 3

Today we would like your child to review the sounds ow, oo and oo and, and the learn the  red words my and you.

Show your child the words my and you, read the words to them and then ask them to write the words either on  paper or on a whiteboard.

Please now share these videos with your child for each new red word.


Today we will looking at the numbers 0 -15 . Please can you count with your child and see if they are able to say the numbers in the correct order and identify which is the smallest and largest number. Using the number sheet below below please help your child to place each number in the correct place on the grid. If you are unable to print the numbers  you could write them on individual pieces of paper ,and ask your child to place them in the correct order.

Ordering numbers 0 – 15


Today we would like you to look at the Chinese alphabet and see if you can find the letters of your name.

Chinese Alphabet


Now you have found the all the letters in your name , we would like you to write your name in Chinese. Maybe you can paint them or use felt tip pens or  pencils on a large sheet of paper.


Thank you, we hope you enjoy your learning today.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi