Good Morning everyone , here is today’s learning we hope you have fun.


Group 1.

Today we would like you to revisit the digraph ‘sh’ with your child and remind them that it is made using 2 sounds.

Please now work through the ‘sh’ booklet and practice writing the words below  with your child in the same way they have been writing their CVC words

Shop, ship, fish, bash, wish.

sh sound booklet

Group 2.

Today we would like you to  revisit how to read  the  red word ‘the’.

After reading the word ‘the’, we would like your child to write 5 sentences using this word, in their red books.


Group 3

Today we would like your child to revisit the digraphs ‘ow’, ‘oo’ and ‘oo’. Can they think of words that have  these  sounds in them ?

We would then like your child to read the red words ‘my’ and ‘you’. Just like yesterday we would like you to show your child the words then ask them to copy  them onto paper or a whiteboard.

Then we would like them to write 2 sentences using the words ‘my’ and ‘you’.


Today we will be continuing to order numbers focusing on 0 – 20.

Please ask your child to count to 20 then see if they can complete the worksheet below.

Ordering numbers 0 – 20


This week  we would like the children to create some rainbow noodles experimenting with food coloring.

Please follow the instructions below to make your noodles, if you have chopsticks at home maybe the children can use them to pick up the noodles and transfer them from one bowl to another.

Rainbow noodles

Please also remember to complete your weekly challenge by Friday.

Thank you to all of you who have been sending us your learning, it has been lovely to see all of your fantastic work.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi