This week we will be learning about Chinese new year, Chinese new year will be celebrated on Friday 12th February.


Group 1

Review last weeks learning, working on creating simple sentences please use the words cat, dog, pig, hen, fox. Write a sentence for each; it is a …………………., you may wish to write the beginning of the sentence for your child if they are still working on CVC words. Remember to also focus on the formation of your  child’s letters.

Group 2

Review the digraphs; sh,ch,th,ng and nk with your child, see the game added below.

digraph game

You can either choose to print the game and play with your child seeing who will reach the end first. However, if you do not wish to, or can not print the game you can easily create your own version by writing some of the words onto some small pieces of paper, use any small objects as counters and either a dice or a dice app and every time you or your child land on a word you have to read that word in order to be able to move on.

Group 3

Please review all set 2 sounds with your child; ay,ee,igh look at the sounds and review reading words with the sounds in.

As your child has now learnt all set 2 sounds we are going to review these sounds whilst looking at some high frequency words and ‘red’ words. Todays red words are I and the.

Explain to your child that when reading all green words mean go keep sounding out the words by fred talking etc. When you come to a red word- just like red lights at traffic lights you have to stop and learn to recognise it from sight.

show your child the Word ‘I’ and ‘the’ read them to them and then have them copy the words either on paper on whiteboard.

Watch the videos below on recognising ‘the’ and ‘I’

The Song: A Learn to Read Sight Word Song for Children – YouTube– The song

Sight Word ‘i’ for Kids | Teach ‘i’ Tricky Words to Children – YouTube

Can you write a sentence for each high frequency word.


Our story this week is going to be the story of the great race, which is the story of how the names of the Chinese zodiacs came to be. Please go through the story below with your child.

Chinese new year story

Talk about the story, can you remember the animals? Use the last slide to find out which animal you and your family are? Can you draw a picture of you Chinese Zodiac animal. What place did your animal come in the race?


Review the story of ‘The Great Race’ the Chinese zodiac animals. Explain to your child that your are going to have your own race.

Collect 10 items from around your home these should be small animals/figures/ cars. Have a race, cars would work well as you can create a ramp and race your cars down them; if not race you animals/ figures. Now explain that you are going to label the animals from the one that came 1st up to the one who came tenth.

Show the children the video below to try and explain the difference between counting and ‘Ordinal numbers’


Ordinal Numbers 1-10 for Kids | Math for Preschool and Kindergarten | Kids Academy – YouTube- LEARN HOW TO COUNT USIGN ORDINAL NUMBERS.


Physical Wellbeing

Today as a continuation of your physical wellbeing activities, we would like you to create a very simple dance routine with your child.

As we are celebrating Chinese new year, we would like you to try and take inspiration from a traditional Chinese dance e.g lion dancing, dragon dancing, fan dancing- You may wish to search these before you begin, please do try and you Chinese inspired music.

We would like you to take time with your children to practice this dance and perform it by the end of the week and send us a video, this will go towards you activity tracker and we would love to see your fantastic dances, feel free to involve siblings and other family members at home if you wish.


Weekly Challenge.

Your Challenge this week is to create a Chinese lantern. You will only need paper, pens, scissors and tape. 

Take a look at the instructions below. You can print this if you wish but this is not necessary, these Lanterns can be easily created by taking a plain piece of paper, having your child decorate it and then cutting it as explained in the instructions; do not cut all the way through the paper and ensure you cut the non-opened end. You may wish to add decorations etc to your lantern or to create more than one so that you can decorate your home. 

chinese lanterns

We hope that you enjoy learning about Chinese new year and all the different traditions.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi